Thick as a Brick

 Jethro Tull Tribute Band with the Spirit of the „Golden Years“.

Beginn: Thu., 26.07.2018
Ende: Thu., 26.07.2018

Jethro Tull Tribute! - Thick as a Brick.

Thick As A Brick - Germany's only Jethro Tull Tribute Band - has the spirit and the sound of the "Golden Years". Nearly 50 years ago, Jethro Tull founded one of the most successful progressive rock bands in music history in Blackpool, UK. The trademark of their music was from the beginning the virtuoso rock-oriented flute playing of the singer and composer Ian Anderson. The original is unfortunately no longer heard. But THICK AS A BRICK has been paying tribute to this music for over 10 years in changing occupation of this music and is dedicated to carry on the spirit of Jethro Tull. THICK AS A Brick have chosen the Repertoire of Jethro Tull's early phase, the years 1968-1980. "Because that's the range in which Jethro Tull was the most creative," says band leader Christoph Marx.

Location: Weingut Staffelter Hof und KultUrScheune Kröv

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