Jazzy BO

Bo sings Swing, Pop- and Jazz-Classics

Beginn: Thu., 02.08.2018
Ende: Thu., 02.08.2018

Jazzy BO - Chillout Jazz

JAZZY BO sings swing and jazz classics: her mother's record collection with performers such as Zarah Leander and Hildegard Knef aroused her passion for music. Over the years, the desire to sing by herself grew and deepened this desire with a vocal study. Here Bos Talent was particularly in the jazz, blues, musical and chanson. With her own musical style, and with her warm, dark voice, Bo offers a wide range of classics, such as: Gershwin's "Summertime" to hits like "Tainted Love". She loves the atmosphere in small intimate clubs and the contact with the audience.

Location: KultUrScheune Kröv

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