People at the Staffelter Hof

 Jan Matthias is your partner in all questions about wine. He's in charge of marketing and distribution, so he cares that you do not have to be thirsty. He provides you with news from the Staffelter Hof via our Facebook page and the "Newsletter" and is always happy to receive suggestions, praise but also critical remarks. This will help us to become even better in the future.

 Gundi, the heart of our family, takes care of your well-being when you visit us at the Staffelter Hof. With much love she arranges guest rooms and apartments and the already legendary breakfast buffet.

 Gerd, widely known for his mustache and his own outspoken style, cherishes and cares for the vines in the vineyard so we can later harvest the best grapes. He is enthusiastic about the history and culture of wine lovers as a living Encyclopedia. Together with his son Jan Matthias, he takes great care for the fine drops in our cellar.

 The two younger sons Ernst Daniel and Finn Douglas are also found from time to time at the Hof. Finn Douglas works as optician in Wittlich and ensures the right perspective. Ernst Daniel takes care of the cultural program in our KultUrScheune. He lives with his wife Silke and his four sons Johann, Oscar, Emil and Mattis on the nearby Hunsrück. The boys leave no opportunity to tackle already vigorously. Thus four generations work hand in hand on our farm and share the passion for the wine and the beautiful Moselle-landscape.

 Gundi's mother Klothilde is still vigorous despite her old age and always stands by our side with help and advice. And when it smells wonderful, she's probably baking another of her delicious cakes ...

 Dr. Jürgen Tuchel, formerly a journalist and widely-traveled parliamentary correspondent at the Nürnberger Nachrichten, has chosen our beautiful landscape for his retirement home. Gundi's brother-in-law is a passionate hobby-chef. He spoils us and you with his cooking skills. You can also talk with him about politics or listen to a waver from his eventful life.



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